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Maybe you've found your way here because you feel trapped in chronic health issues or frustrating money patterns.

Or maybe you struggle with trust issues, the fear of abandonment, and self-sabotage in relationships.

Or perhaps you want to heal childhood trauma that you feel is affecting your happiness today.

Either way - I totally get it. I can see myself in all of these at one time or another in my own life.

And I am so excited to share with you that there is a solution. There is a better way. 


It doesn’t have to take years or even months to clear and heal.

I want to introduce you to Shamanic Healing.

Shamanic Healing is a gift from our ancestors and spiritual guides that holds

the key to your freedom

and the power of this ancient wisdom is here to help you dissolve these blocks today.

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Break Free from Trauma Flashbacks and Find Peace

September 14, 20232 min read

Today a client texted me and said that since our ONE shamanic healing session,
she’s had ZERO flashbacks of the sexual assault she experienced earlier that year.

Here’s exactly what she said..

screenshot of message

And I couldn’t remember how often she was having flashbacks before so I asked her and she said..

screenshot message

WOW…from daily disturbing flashbacks to complete and total freedom….

So I’ve decided to write this blog post to talk about trauma, flashbacks, and healing yourself from them.

I remember with my client she was so confused why she was stillllll having flashbacks

She just wanted to move past it…but couldn’t.

That’s how most people are when it comes to traumatic memories and experiences…it sticks with them, but they just want to let it go.

Unfortunately, the brain doesn’t listen to our direct commands. We can tell ourselves to get over it..we can try to act differently as if it’s not affecting us…but our brains do this thing where it “keeps the tab open” until the past experience is resolved.

Our brains keep the trauma tabs open until it’s resolved

The fact of the matter is….if you’re having disrupting flashbacks or maybe you just feel stuck and like you can’t move forward because of your past…the tab is still open!

And it keeps coming up in flashbacks, in circumstances with other people, in emotional patterns, etc because the tab WANTS to be closed. It wants to be resolved and it’s trying to show you that.

The first thing my client and I worked on in her session was understanding that the flashbacks aren’t a bad thing. The flashbacks are a good thing trying to help her and we can’t push them away or skip over them if we want to truly heal and move past it.

We can’t push away negative emotions and memories. They are there to help us heal and move forward beyond the trauma.

From there…the session was unique to her, to the nuances of the assault, to how she interpreted it, and to the emotions that were stuck with her like guilt, confusion, etc.

If you’ve experienced sexual assault or some other form of trauma that you’re still experiencing flashbacks or negative patterns from, please book a shamanic healing session to break from it.

What I want you to take away from this blog post are these four points

  1. Trauma stays with you and influences you in various ways until it’s resolved

  2. Trauma will keep a tab open in your brain and try to communicate with you that it’s still open through flashbacks, negative emotions, negative thoughts, and unhelpful habits.

  3. Don’t push away negative emotions and memories. They are here to teach you where your healing can be found.

  4. You absolutely 100% can be free of it in a way that feels like it almost never existed.

If you want 1 on 1 shamanic healing help with this, book a free consultation and we can chat more.

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Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is a trained Shaman and Guide for women in healing and liberating their most authentic selves.

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What People Say...

Ashley E. aligned with her purpose

"I had never been to a shaman before so I didn't really know what to expect. Samantha was great at making me feel comfortable and guiding me to understand my purpose in life better, which was my exact goal. She is positive and compassionate. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and excited about my path moving forward! I was hesitant to spend the money but am glad I did and feel it was worth it!"

Devon H. is nerve-pain free

"Sam is amazing! I’ve been nerve pain free since my first session with her! She guided me to dive deep into the trauma pattern that was coming up from an old car accident, and release everything I was storing there emotionally. I literally felt the pain subsiding as she worked her magic on our first call! I will definitely be seeing her regularly, her work is powerful!"

Carol M. unlocked powerful things moving forward in business

"Our session was empowering and I no longer feel like a victim without a voice. Interestingly, since our session everything shifted and went kerplunk. It was almost audible.

On another note, the day after our session I was selected to be in a book highlighting the accomplishments of 40 black women. My photoshoot is early July. Things are moving! Whew!!!"

Gloriana M. completely changed her reality

"Shamanic Healing sessions have absolutely changed my life so far. I really recommend this to anyone who wants to change their reality and clear the things that are no longer serving."

Chelsie G. now has the freedom to be seen

"The fear of being seen has lingered in my life for far too long….Lately I have been feeling so fed up with my stories, and have felt a huge block at pushing through. This experience cut through all of the bullshit. It was such a pleasurable experience that I could consider it to be orgasmic"

Elisha G. deepened her success and her relationship

"I have done 12 sessions with Sam and holy wowzers!!! I wasn't sure what to expect and every session was so uniquely different but always exactly what I needed. After every session I took a step further in my business and went deeper in my relationship of 6 years.
I highly recommend Shamanic Healing!!"

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