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Do you see patterns showing up in your life that you know are not serving you?

Are you suffering from habits that are blocking your success in love, career or health?

Do you feel stuck in a loop you can’t break free from?

Do you KNOW what you're doing isn’t working, but somehow keep choosing the default settings?

Maybe you've found your way here because you feel trapped in chronic health issues or frustrating money patterns.

Or maybe you struggle with trust issues, the fear of abandonment, and self-sabotage in relationships.

Or perhaps you want to heal childhood trauma that you feel is affecting your happiness today.

Either way - I totally get it. I can see myself in all of these at one time or another in my own life.

And I am so excited to share with you that there is a solution. There is a better way. 


It doesn’t have to take years or even months to clear and heal.

I want to introduce you to Shamanic Healing.

Shamanic Healing is a gift from our ancestors and spiritual guides that holds

the key to your freedom

and the power of this ancient wisdom is here to help you dissolve these blocks today.

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Instantly Heal Negative Patterns & Traumas

August 29, 20233 min read

Do you think it “takes time” to break free of negative patterns?
Or that healing trauma happens in layers?

Here’s 3 reasons why that’s complete poopy nonsense (and I can prove it)

But first…let me paint you a picture….

We live in a society that profits off our dis-ease and pain. The systems at play want us to spend money on “health” care, pills,  systemic education, etc.
The system's goal? Make more money.

It sucks because good-hearted people fall into the trap of becoming a doctor (or mental health therapist) and believe what universities teach them about health and about healing.

And we as everyday people fall into the hands of these experts and trust them. Meanwhile..many of these experts are brainwashed by a system that doesn’t actually want us to be healed.

The “experts” say 

  • healing takes time

  • we need to talk about your problems

  • you have to re-live to pain to let it go

All of which…keep you in the cycles that you’re trying so hard to break free from!

The truth is

  • healing does not take a long time

  • you don’t have to talk it out

  • it can feel amazing

I’ve seen it in hundreds of sessions & I’ve experienced it myself dozens of times.

Now here’s 3 reasons why healing can happen instantaneously and be long-lasting (especially using shamanic healing):

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1. Trauma is timeless, so time is not a requirement of healing

All of our negative patterns and emotions come from some past experience that has influenced us. So if it’s a past experience…why is it still impacting you? The answer is simple…trauma is timeless. The brain, body and energy don’t understand time when it comes to trauma. It only understands feelings and circumstances.
With the right circumstances, the right feelings, and the right moment of realization (skillfully guided by a practitioner - a Shaman in my case) healing can happen instantaneously. It can shift and be transformed for good. Like the negative lightbulb turning off and the positive one turning on. As easy as a switch when you have the right person guiding you.

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2. When you pull out the root, the weeds can no longer grow.

People say healing happens in layers…and I don’t disagree. Healing CAN happen in layers, but it doesn’t have to. Most healing methods such as therapy, mindset work, reiki are like cutting weeds and adding flowers. It might look a little pretty…for a short amount of time but you haven’t actually removed the issues. The weeds grow back.
Shamanic Healing is like pulling the weeds from the root and then double triple checking we got all of them. When you pull weeds from the root…they don’t grow anymore. It’s like they never existed at all :) So yes healing can happen in layers…but it can also happen quickly and efficiently if your practitioner is skilled enough to actually get to the root.

Person Holding Dried Plant

3. The problems and solutions are deeper than your mindset

In today's world we put so much emphasis on the mind…we’ve lost the magic. Shamans, indigenous peoples, and even followers of various religions have always known there's so much more to us. There's the soul…the spirit….the mystery. I believe it’s a huge disservice to leave out this historically-backed, and crucial part of humanity in healing. Yes there’s a science to it…but there’s also an unexplainable magic that happens in Shamanic Healing.
As I use my psychic senses, I guide you into emotions, memories, and dreams you’ve disconnected from that are crucial to the healing process that make no logical sense. By the end of the session we’ve journeyed in such an illogical way YET that transformation has happened. The negativity cleared and you’re aligned with the clarity of your soul once again. Unexplainable, mysterious, healing.

Dream Catcher

I hope I’ve convinced you or at least opened your mind a bit to the idea that healing can be done a different way….that maybe ancient practices, such as Shamanic Healing, are actually 100 times more effective and efficient than the healing methods we know today.

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Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is a trained Shaman and Guide for women in healing and liberating their most authentic selves.

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What People Say...

Ashley E. aligned with her purpose

"I had never been to a shaman before so I didn't really know what to expect. Samantha was great at making me feel comfortable and guiding me to understand my purpose in life better, which was my exact goal. She is positive and compassionate. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and excited about my path moving forward! I was hesitant to spend the money but am glad I did and feel it was worth it!"

Devon H. is nerve-pain free

"Sam is amazing! I’ve been nerve pain free since my first session with her! She guided me to dive deep into the trauma pattern that was coming up from an old car accident, and release everything I was storing there emotionally. I literally felt the pain subsiding as she worked her magic on our first call! I will definitely be seeing her regularly, her work is powerful!"

Carol M. unlocked powerful things moving forward in business

"Our session was empowering and I no longer feel like a victim without a voice. Interestingly, since our session everything shifted and went kerplunk. It was almost audible.

On another note, the day after our session I was selected to be in a book highlighting the accomplishments of 40 black women. My photoshoot is early July. Things are moving! Whew!!!"

Gloriana M. completely changed her reality

"Shamanic Healing sessions have absolutely changed my life so far. I really recommend this to anyone who wants to change their reality and clear the things that are no longer serving."

Chelsie G. now has the freedom to be seen

"The fear of being seen has lingered in my life for far too long….Lately I have been feeling so fed up with my stories, and have felt a huge block at pushing through. This experience cut through all of the bullshit. It was such a pleasurable experience that I could consider it to be orgasmic"

Elisha G. deepened her success and her relationship

"I have done 12 sessions with Sam and holy wowzers!!! I wasn't sure what to expect and every session was so uniquely different but always exactly what I needed. After every session I took a step further in my business and went deeper in my relationship of 6 years.
I highly recommend Shamanic Healing!!"

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