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6 Reasons to Embrace Vaginal Steaming with 8 Essential Yoni Steaming Herbs

September 05, 20234 min read

What is Yoni Steaming?

Also known as vaginal steaming, it is an ancient holistic technique which involves leaning over a bowl of steaming water that has been infused with herbs. This ancient practice aims to enhance feminine wellness through the calming and balancing qualities of natural herbs. 

Yoni steaming has long been praised for its ability to reduce discomfort, support reproductive health, and foster a stronger relationship with the body's natural cycles.

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Here are some reasons to steam your vagina:

1. Nourishes the Tissues

Warm steam from boiling herbs helps open up, soften and oxygenate your vaginal tissue. This encourages more blood supply which is nourishing for your pelvic bowl.

2. Cleanses and Purifies

When steaming, you can intentionally use herbs that will cleanse and purify your vaginal canal. Yoni steaming can even be used to treat bacterial and yeast infections.

3. Builds a relationship with your womb and feminine wisdom

Our society tends to shame anything womb or sex-related when it comes to women. Our greatest power is always owning our connections with ourselves and our innate wisdom. Through yoni steaming, you can take time to be at peace with your womb. Breather into her, soften, and listen to her. You’d be surprised what comes of it.

4. Relief from menstrual pain

Steaming before you bleed can help moisturize the uterine lining allowing it to shed easier during your bleed. Pain comes from your uterus contracting to shed your uterine lining. The harder it has to work, the more painful it is. Yoni steaming a week before your bleed can allow this shedding to be more easy.

5. Clears energetic stagnancy and old blood

My favorite time to steam is toward the last few days of my bleed. It’s not recommended to steam during active bleeding, however if your blood is dark and dry-ish towards the end of your cycle then it can be helpful to steam and assist the remaining blood in leaving. This fully clears the energy of the past month and lets go of any blood hanging out.

6. Increases lubrication

Yum. If you have pain or dryness during sex, this is a great practice. Yoni steaming wakes up your vaginal tissues and like we mentioned earlier… it softens, oxygenates and nourishes them. This is great for increased pleasure sensation and lubrication.

7. Safety

It is important to source quality herb combinations as well as avoid steaming while pregnant, bleeding and other special circumstances. 

The herbs you use will depend on what you're trying to achieve. 

Some herbs act as a revitalizing cleanser that are incredibly effective against infections. 

Some herbs offer additional nourishment and significantly improve lubrication.

& other herbs are great for new mothers because they aid in the healing process after childbirth.

Additionally, a variety of herbs show a remarkable capacity to reduce cramping discomfort as well as PMS symptoms.

Though, I provide information about yoni steaming, I am not a herbalist or a Chinese medicine doctor. Creating complex yoni steam mixtures necessitates a thorough understanding of herb ratios and combinations especially when aiming for specific results such as:

  • Postpartum healing

  • Treating infections or Ph imbalances

  • Addressing fertility issues

  • Increasing lubrication

Here some of the herbs used and their functions depending on what you want to achieve while Yoni Steaming:

1. Rose


Relieves stress, soothes, cleanses, tonifies, calms tissues, treats infections, serves as anti-inflammatory

2. Raspberry Leaf

raspberry bush

Increases fertility, serves as anti-inflammatory, regulates hormones, treats skin conditions, strengthens and tones uterine muscles

3. Motherwort


Helps in preventing blood clots, improves circulation, regulates menstruation, brings on delayed period, soothes cramps, calms pain, aids in relaxation

4. Calendula

Dried Calendula Flowers

Cleanses and lessens inflammation, soothes irritated tissues, assists in wound healing, helps relieve the feeling of heaviness during bleed

5. Lavender

Dried Lavender Flowers

Relaxing, helps regenerate cells, prevents scarring, heals wounds, serves as antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory

6. Chamomile

dried chamomile

Reduces muscle spasms, soothes muscle and tissue, nourishes the skin, relieves painful cramps, anti-inflammatory

7. Ginger


Warming, enhances blood flow, improves sensitivity, assists in releasing old stagnant blood

8. Holy Basil


Calming, anti-inflammatory, breaks up stagnant tissues, cleanses toxins

Where to buy Yoni Steaming Herbs:

My favorite way to buy herbs for yoni steaming is in pre-made blends. I have found a company - Sacred Woman - that has an herbalist formulate their blends based on the results you want to achieve.

Here's a few of their yoni steam blends:

If you choose to create your own herbal steams then please buy quality organic herbs - local to you if possible and use your intuition on ratios and measurements.

Additional Resources

I recently did a podcast episode with the owner of Sacred Woman, Jasmine Alicia Carter on Yoni Steaming for postpartum women that you can listen to here.

Jasmine also has an extensive Yoni Steaming Guide on her website that teaches you how to Yoni Steam and why.

Want support?

If you want to explore in-person yoni + womb healing ranging from yoni steams, group retreats, or 1:1 yoni healing massage please email me at samantha@truthhealing.co with the words "Yoni healing" in the subject line.

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Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly is a trained Shaman and Guide for women in healing and liberating their most authentic selves.

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